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Questions that we get asked the most.  Answers that we give.

If you have a question that is not answered below then please email me and we will answer it and then post the Q&A.  

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FAQs below:

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Common Questions

  • What happens when your vehicle gets totaled?  The Insurance company will make you an offer based on many factors.  They will probably get comps from local dealerships that have sold the same vehicle within the last few months.  They will also deduct for high mileage, worn tires, and other damages that are not consistent with the age of the vehicle.

  • How far does the insurance company look back at your driving record?  Most will look at 5 years driving history and five years accidents. 

  • What is Bodily Injury Liability?  This coverage is on the auto policy and it is the amount the insurance company will pay for injuries if you hurt someone and are liable for the accident.  This coverage will also cover pain and suffering settlement.  If you do not have enough coverage then your personal assets are at risk.  

  • What is rental coverage?  Also known as loss of use.  This is money for you to rent a vehicle if yours is in the shop due to an accident.   Some companies will even pay for ride-share in lieu of a rental vehicle up to the policy limits.  Most only allow 30 days at a set dollar amount a day. example-$40 a day for 30 days.  

  • What is Glass coverage? Covers glass breakage with no deductible.  Example-your auto windshield gets shattered by a rock while driving down the highway.  Insurance will replace windshield with no out of pocket money.  

  • Will my insurance cover if my friend get's in an accident with my car?  Depends on what company you are insured with.  Most Standard companies insure the vehicle, not the person driving.   Check with your agent to make sure what type of policy you have.   Or call the insurance sheriff and we can let you know.  

  • Do I need to buy insurance when renting a car?  Again, depends on the company.  It's kind of a contradiction to the last answer, most will extend coverage from your policy to any non-owned auto that you are not using for regular use.   

  • What is the difference in comprehensive and collision coverage?  Comprehensive (called "other than collision" by many companies now) is other than collision, everything other than your car colliding into an object.  Think hail, theft, wind, vandalism, etc.

  • Why does my auto insurance keep increasing?  The cost of vehicles have doubled over the past several years and most insurance companies did not do a great job at foreseeing this huge increase.  Now they are all playing catch up.  Example--Truck tailgates cost $500 10 years ago and now with all the cameras, bells and whistles they cost $2000 plus.  Bumpers cost $1200 vs $300.  Side-view mirrors are $500 verse $50..............

  • What is the state minimum coverage?  It is different for every state.  Insurance is governed at the state level.  The minimum is the least amount of liability coverage the State will allow you to purchase.   Example- A personal auto policy might have split limits like $30,000.00/$60,000.00/$30,000.00 for the state minimum, which means $30,000 coverage for injuries that you cause up to $60,000 per accident(more then one person injured) and $30,000 for the physical damage to what ever you hit and damaged.  

  • Does my homeowner's insurance cover freezing pipes? The policies I sell most definitely do, but you will want to read your policy to make sure yours does.  Some policies will have stipulations like "as long as the pipes were properly insulated or the proper amount of feet underground for your area."

  • What is Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist Coverage?  It covers your vehicle damages and your injuries if an uninsured vehicle hits you and it's their fault.  You will be entitled to anything you would be entitled to if the person did have insurance and you filed a claim with their company.

  • Does my homeowner's insurance cover freezing pipes.  The polices I sell most definitely do, but you will want to read your policy to make sure yours does.  Some polices will have stipulations like "as long as the pipes were properly insulated or the proper amount of feet underground for your area.  

  • What is the difference between Replacement Cost and Actual Cash Value.  Replacement cost will pay to have the insured asset replaced at what ever it cost to replace the asset.  Actual Cash Value (ACV) pays only for what the asset is worth.  Example-lets take a 10 year old roof.  The roof has depreciated over 10 years and is now worth about half of what a new one would cost.  ACV would pay the depreciated amount and the replacement cost will pay for a new roof.  

  • Do I need to tell my insurance if I get a trampoline.  It depends on the carrier.  Some carriers want to know and some do not.  You will need to ask your current agent.  Most if not all will want the trampoline behind a fence.

  • What is Renter's Insurance.  Renters insurance will protect you when you are renting a place to live in.  It will cover liability and your personal things.  It is kinda like home insurance but you don't have the dwelling coverage.

  • Is Jewelry covered on my homeowners insurance.  Yes and no.  Most policies have an overall limit and a per item limit.  If jewelry is of any value you will want to add a personal articles policy or a jewelry rider know as Scheduled Personal Property (SPP)

  • Why does my homeowner's premiums increase each year.  100's of factors go into rates.  A few are roof age, age of home, catastrophe claims for the whole state get spread to all customers, claims that you had, cost of living, and more.

  • If my garage catches fire will my homeowner's pay the damage to my vehicle.  Most of the policy I have read will not cover your car.  You would need comprehensive insurance on your car.  Laymen's term would be "you can't be liable to yourself"  Also, your vehicle insurance will likely not cover your home if you run your vehicle into your own home.

  • Below answers coming soon:

  • What is Standard Auto Coverage

  • What is Property Damage Coverage

  • Is Insurance more expensive for males or females

  • Who is allowed to drive your vehicle

  • What deductible should I carry on my auto insurance

  • Why is it expensive to add my teenage drive to my auto insurance

  • If I only drive my car on an occasion is my auto insurance lower

  • Should I bundle my home and auto insurance

  • Can I cancel my insurance at anytime

  • What is a deductible

  • Will my rates increase if I have a claim

  • Does credit affect my insurance rates

  • Can I withdraw an Insurance claim after it's started

  • How much will my insurance increase if I have a claim

  • Do I need to get insurance when renting a moving truck

  • Will my insurance pay to rent a car if mine breaks down?

  • Can I transfer my homeowner's from one house to another

  • How does my escrow account work with my homeowner's insurance

  • Am I covered if my dog bits someone

  • Is my underground sewer pipe covered on my home insurance

  • paid

  • What is Hazard Insurance

  • What is Water Back up of Sewer & Drains

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