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Hail Storm Tips

After Hail Storm Info:

Homeowners damage: 1.If you have damage that has created an opening in your home, you need to mitigate the damages.  Save all of your receipts.

2. If without a doubt (100% known) you have damage you should go ahead and file a claim.  If not 100% sure see #3.

3. If you have a roofer you trust you should call them to come look at your roof first to make sure you have enough damage before filing a claim.   If you do not have a roofer you trust see #4.

4. Do not use a roofer that knocks on your door.  There are a lot of fly by night roofers that do a poor job and then disappear.   Please ask friends or family for recommendations.

Auto damage:

1. It is not safe to drive with broken windshields, side windows, or back glass.If you have broken glass you will need to mitigate the damages.  Cover with plastic to keep the rain and outside elements out. 

2. File claim immediately if you have broken glass. 

3. If you do not have broken glass and do not need vehicle repaired immediately, then I would not rush to file a claim or get it repaired.  There will be a lot of people that do and the process will take longer then you want it to and if it is early in the hail season then you may just get hit again within a few months.

*TIPS To help determine if you have hail damage to your roof.  Look for dents, cracks or breaks on windows, screens, doors, grills, patio furniture, and top of your wooden fence. Examine outdoor appliances like air conditioning units, and look for dents or excessive water intake. Check trees and shrubs; if they’re stripped of foliage, there’s a possibility your roof might be damaged.

Inspect your vehicle(s) for cracked or broken glass, or dents caused by hail.