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Proof of Loss

After the February ice storm some of my customers completed their repairs, sent in the repair invoice(s) but could not provide proof of damages. This is a good time to discuss Proof of Loss. While it is best to have an adjuster assess the damage, some companies may choose not to send an adjuster. Of course, some situations require immediate attention before an adjuster is available. If you choose to move forward with repairs without an inspection, you MUST prove you had a loss. As your agent, I’m on your side! However, insurance companies must have proof. Imagine if every time someone wanted new floors or a new kitchen, they just call up the insurance company and say you owe me $35,000.00 for my new kitchen. That would either put the insurance industry out of business or you would be paying 100 times more for your insurance than you are now!

You must prove you had a loss. You cannot send in a receipt and expect the insurance company to pay your claim without “supporting documentation.” You will need to provide most, if not all, of the following information:

  • Date and time

  • Incident resulting in the loss (storm, flood, theft, etc.)

  • Property involved in the loss

  • Nature and scope of damage incurred

  • Evidence of the loss (photos, police report, purchase receipts)

  • Current property replacement value

  • The party (or parties) with a financial interest in the property

  • Contractor report(s) if contractor has already completed the repairs

Again, photos, photos, video and more photos. You can’t have too much proof! If possible, take photos of the hail stones; take photos of the accumulated water; take photos of any incident, if safe to do so. Lastly, always save broken pipes to show the adjuster.