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Water Meter. Homeowners need to know

Where is my water meter? How do I turn it off?

  1. First, you want to purchase a key and T-bar that looks like "see photo"

  2. Then you want to place it where you can find it easily on the way out the door or outside behind a bush.

  3. Locate your water meter box which should be close to the road. It looks like this or maybe this. see photo

  4. To pull off the top, locate the key on the top of the handle. Insert, twist, and pull up. You will then see something similar to this. see attached photo

  5. Using the T-bar, place the notch over the knob with the arrow. Turn the knob to the right. When the holes align, the water should be turned off. If you have a leak, do this asap and then call a plumber.

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