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What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage AKA UM

This coverage will provide coverage for your vehicle damages and injuries if you are in an accident with someone that is not insured and you are not at fault for the accident. This coverage works just like your liability coverage would work for someone else if you were at fault. You would file a claim against your own policy and treat the UM coverage just as you would the other parties insurance if they would have been insured. You will be entitled to everything you would have been entitled too if you were filing a claim against the other parties liability insurance. Your UM will pay for damages to your vehicle, injuries you have, pain and suffering settlement, rental vehicle, lost wages, diminished value claim (vehicle value is less due to accident, you will get money for this if the repairs were significant) and more.

This also includes Underinsured coverage. The other party has insurance, but not enough coverage.

Limits can be single or split. see single/split coverage post